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BACK IN 2021

In light of the latest Government announcement on COVID-19 Social distancing, we are very sorry to announce that the Leadboiler Festival shall not take place this year. We are saddened for our community, our suppliers, our business sponsors and our performers who are all dealing with the challenges that the Coronavirus presents in their own way. The planning team held off making a decision for as long as we could but it has become clear that it would not be appropriate to host the Festival.

We shall now work towards staging the event on Saturday 3rd July 2021, coming back bigger and stronger 💪. In tribute to all key workers helping to keep society functioning and as an act of solidarity in supporting each other, we shall be erecting our normal advertising boards on telegraph poles in and around Linthwaite and Cowlersley with the image of a rainbow, over the coming days #ittakesacommunity ✊.

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