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£ Money and Funding

Leadboilers is Free Entry where other music festivals of this size and organisation, often charge on entry. We want our Linfit Festival to be accessible to all people in our Community.

We ask that people bring an item of food, for the main Huddersfield foodbank, The Welcome Centre who have been our Festival partner since we began in 2018. We try to fill our cauldron full of food.

We are backed by business sponsors, who support our village and community either through cash donations or through donations of resources in kind.

Other than private traders, nobody takes a salary from the Festival. All the organising is done by volunteers.

Can I help?

Yes you can! You can see a break down of all of our costs and overheads at SpaceHive, Just Click here to see and select the Costs Tab. We have to meet our overhead costs and where in the past, we have collected loose change in tins, it is becoming harder to do this - as less people have loose change. You can become a backer by making a donation through the SpaceHive Site.

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