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Residents Notes

I live near the Village Green and I have concerns. Who can I contact?

Please email in the first instance. 

I live near the Village Green and I know nothing about the event

Letters were be posted to 103 homes who may be affected by Road Closures in April 2022. Leaflets shall be distributed to residents in Linthwaite, as well as numerous posts on social media. To see a copy of that letter, please click here.

I see the road closure signs and I am concerned that I cannot move my car

If you are a resident who is affected by road closures, you will have had a letter. Please email us and share with us your concerns, so that we have the opportunity to address them. Some residents have contacted us and we have been able to put in place special parking provision. You must contact us and explain what your specific needs are. We can seek to find a solution if you are willing to provide us with contact details.

Are there any plans to develop the Green?

There are no known plans to develop the green. It is a public space and one which is an asset to Linthwaite. The Pride In Linthwaite volunteers would just like to make use of the space for the benefit of the village.

Will there be future events on the Linthwaite Village Green?

The Green is a community asset. The Leadboiler Organising Committee reviewed the impact of the Leadboiler Festival in 2018 and in 2019. Based on those successes, it was proven that The Leadboiler event could take place year on year. If other groups wish to utilise the Green, that is something outside of the Leadboiler Organising Committee's control.

What about anti-social behavior during the event?

To obtain the Event License from the council, our group was required to submit a comprehensive Event Management Plan, along with other documents. We shall have Marshall’s patrolling the event and we have been in contact with the Police, should they be required to respond. We are also expecting PCSO patrols at intervals throughout the day. We shall have SIA Trained Security staff on patrol.

You're still not addressing my concerns

Please email us at and we shall do our best to understand and respond to your concerns. We are a small band of volunteers, trying to do something positive for Linthwaite that we can be proud of as a village. The Leadboiler Festival is one day of the year where we can celebrate all things Linthwaite. Thank you for your understanding.

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