What is #One Linthwaite?

One Linthwaite is one day in the year where residents in the Colne Valley can come together and celebrate the diversity of the Colne Valley and Linthwaite, shoulder to shoulder with neighbouring communities.

Who is behind #One Linthwaite?

Pride In Linthwaite, local residents, clubs and local businesses who have come together to shine a light on the village of the Linfiters. Bear with us, we are all volunteers using scarce resources to try and do something positive for the Colne Valley.

Why is there a series of events happening on one day?

In our first year, we want to launch our new Leadboiler Festival and get traction, so we have collaborated with interested parties and we are working together for the benefit of One Linthwaite. Broad Oak Bowling Club have partnered with the One Linthwaite concept for their Oakfest in June and The Sair at Linfit is supporting the Leadboiler Festival.

Will any charities benefit from the #One Linthwaite Festivals?

The Leadboilers Festival is supporting The Welcome Centre food bank and Broad Oak Bowling Club are supporting Kirkwood Hospice. Pride In Linthwaite is a not for profit Community Interest Group and just needs to cover costs of running the event, some of which are being supported by local business partners.

How Can I get Involved?

Drop an email to prideinlinthwaite@outlook.com